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Monika Larochelle
Monika Larochelle
Graphic Designer / Illustrator / Freelance
Mexico City / Edmonton Canada, Canada


Hello! ¡Hola! Allô! 
First of all, I want to thank you for visiting my profile!

My passion for art started at a very young age when I had still difficulty to hold a pencil in my hand. I was already dreaming of drawing, at that time, horses! 

My parents offered me oil painting classes where I learned my first traditional technics. Without mentioning that I always kept drawing... sometimes late at night and I pretended that I was sleeping. I was just trying to reach my goal: aiming a high level of realism in my drawing.

As a teenager, I studied graphic design and started as a web graphic designer in 2004. Later I went to college in graphic design & animation 2D/3D. I quickly got hired following my graduation in the video game industry. At that moment, I had no idea where my knowledge/ability was going to bring me. 

Ten years ago, I began to work in the video game company as a 2D Artist and within six months I became a Lead Artist on important projects. Since then, I started getting seriously interested on digital illustration. Thanks for my painting classes and drawing lessons that helped to understand the concept like a flash.

I have the capacity of learning and improving myself rapidly and my versatility is one of my best ability as along the years it provided me work in a variety of industries. I simply adapt myself to the needs.

Assiduity, organization, rigor and interpersonal skills are what define me best.

Also, I spent time traveling, living abroad,  learning cultures and new languages, making me stronger than ever! Today with three languages under my belt (French, English and Spanish) I can understand the industry and relate on cultural factors better which actually helps me quite a bit in an era where work is closely related to international relations.
If you like what you see and you are looking to get some work done, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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